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My Friend Pedro : MPF (Live, Gameplay & Walkthrough)

by Leader Rahul Jain
My Friend Pedro | Live | Gameplay | Walkthrough | Game in Hindi

My Friend Pedro | Live | Gameplay | Walkthrough | Game in Hindi

My Friend Pedro jiska aap hindi me Live, Gameplay and Walkthrough dekh sakte hain

Ye ek Shoot ’em up Game hai.. Jisme only Single Player mode hai…

20 June 2019 ko Release hui hai…

Aap is Game ka Poora Gameplay & Walkthrough hamare Channel

Namokar Live Gaming par Hindi Commentary ke saath Enjoy kar sakte hain…

Is game ke Developer hain :- DeadToast Entertainment and Publisher hain :- Devolver Digital


My Friend Pedro ko agar aap purchase karna chahte ho to aapko ye Game PC par 450 Rs ki padegi

Agar aap ise Nintendo Switch par lenge to ye aproximate 3,000 Rs ki milegi

My Friend Pedro is based on an Adobe Flash game named MFP: My Friend Pedro that was released by Adult Swim Games in 2014

GAMEPLAY (My Friend Pedro)

The player character uses a mix of split-aiming and slow-motion techniques to kill the enemies.

They can also jump off walls while doing flips, bounce bullets off frying pans and signs or kick things like severed heads from the floor into the enemies.

Players are awarded bonus points if any of these kills are extra special, like firing at the frying pan to kill enemies or fly through the air and more


It serves not only as a vital means of slowing down the action, but also as a way to enhance the absolutely wild stunts that your character can perform.

Few things in video games can come close to matching how cool it feels when you swing from a rope

crash through a window in slow motion, blast two enemies to smithereens with a shotgun while in mid-air

and then stick the landing on a skateboard. The few things that do come close are probably also things that you can do in this game.

Graceful Destruction

Beyond the bullet time and the stunts, My Friend Pedro simply feels great to play.

The animations do sometimes look a little wonky, especially during wall jumps, melee attacks

and when your character has to unexpectedly land on an object.

But it’s a small price to pay for how dynamically your character flips through the air

seamlessly moving from a dive to a rope swing and back to a dive, all while conveying a real sense of weight and momentum.

plz read this review MFP 

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